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Quest Technologies Sound Level Meters from Machovec Quest Technologies Sound Level Meters from Machovec

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Quest Technologies Sound Level Meters from Machovec

Model 1100 Quest technologies sound level meter
Model 1100 Sound Level Meter Kit
No Longer Available
1100-10 - Model 1100 Type 1 Sound Level Meter kit contains:

Model 1100 Sound Level Meter, WS-7 Windscreen, QC-10 Sound Calibrator, 59-533 Storage Case, 20" Measuring Device, Tecumseh Vibration Tachometer, Extra 9 volt battery for backup, Stationary Sound Testing Manual from Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), Test RPM Chart for most motorcycles and ATV's.

Model 1100 sound level meter detects noise from Quest Technologies
SD-200 Quest Technologies sound level meter for noise detection
Sound Detector SD-200
No Longer Available
The 3M Sound Detector SD-200 is an entry level sound level meter that is designed for the measurement of workplace noise levels. Its intuitive design makes it easy for users to measure sound levels and help determine the degree of hearing protection required.
Model 210 sound level meter from Quest Technologies
Model 1200 type 1 sound level meter from Quest Technologies
Sound Patrol DP Series Sound Level Meter
No Longer Available
SPDP-1200/2200 - Enforcement of local noise ordinances requires field testing of noise levels and documentation of measurement results, particularly in the event a citation is issued. The need exists for a simple system that requires minimal training to be easily deployed in the field by law enforcement personnel. The system must provide credible data and convenient methods for field calibration and printing of test results in the field.
SP 1200 1220 Sound Patrol sound level meter from Quest Technologies
Model 261 Quest Technologies sound detector contriller
Model 261 Sound Level Detector
No Longer Available

261 - The Quest 261 is a Sound Detector / Controller. It uses remote microphones to monitor sound within a specified area. When the sound exceeds a defined threshold between 55 and 110 dB, it activates an internal DPDT, 10A Fused, 300V rated relay. The relay can activate warning lights or alarms or it can be used to control equipment. Add the model LB-26 Light Box for an additional $311.95

Model 261 sound level detector meters noise from Quest Technologies
QC-10 Sound Meter Calibrator for Quest Technologies sound level meters
Model QC-10 Sound Meter Calibrator
No Longer Available
QC-10 - The Quest Technologies calibrator provides quick, precise field calibration. The calibrator generates a stable acoustic signal at a controlled frequency and amplitude to verify the accuracy of your meter in the field.
Model OC10 sound level meter calibrator from Quest Technologies
Tecumseh vibratach vibration tachometer
Tecumseh Vibratach
No Longer Available
670156 - Inexpensive but wonderfully useful, you set the tachometer to the RPM you want the engine to run at and then adjust the engines speed until the wire indicator oscillates in a figure-eight motion.
Tecumsech vibratac vibration tachometer
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Sound level meters from Quest Technologies