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MA4006 integration strap for DTLP Mustang Survival

Ma4006 Integration Strap for DTLP from Mustang Survival

MD4020 Damage Tolerant Meritime Life Preserver from Mustang Survival

Available Colors:
MA4006 integration strap for DTLP Mustang Survival  Black
Coast Guard
First Responders
Homeland Security
Law Enforcement
Military - Air
Military - Land
Military - Sea
Integration Strap for Tactical Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP) $62.30
Retail $83.53

MA4006 - The Mustang Survival MA4006 Integration Strap allows the user to attach a Mustang Survival Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP) to body armor. The Integration Strap may be used with either the MD4020 or the MD4025 FR.

Adult Universal

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