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Twin Chamber PFD

MD1127 22


Retail $547.65

Mustang Survival's MD1127 22 Twin Chamber Inflatable is a constant wear life jacket that provides flotation protection for aircrew flying over water in the event of emergency landings. The MD1127 22 features an inflatable cell that is comprised of two independent chambers, separated by a fully integrated floating baffle system. This provides for an orally inflated reserve chamber in the event that the primary chamber becomes damaged.

The MD1127 22 is lightweight and designed for constant wear and comfort. The unit is manually inflated and delivers 37 lbs of buoyancy and is made with a fire resistant cover. Designed and authorized specifically for use by passengers flying aboard US Coast Guard aircrafts, the MD1127 22 is based on Mustang Survival's original MD1127 but not FAA Approved.

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Replacement CO² MI5707 (add $15.60)
Replacement Pins MA7159 (add $6.60)

Available Colors

MD1127 22 aviation twin chamber pfd orance Orange

MD1127 22

MD1127 22 aviation twin chamber pfd

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  • Slim in profile for constant wear and mobility
  • Easy to pack
  • Manual CO² inflation system and oral inflator protected by durable self covers
  • Dual chamber system for emergency oral inflation in the event of damage to one chamber
  • Conforms to ASCC Air Standard 61/14 with its single point inflation
  • Self-righting, upright flotation, with rear head support
  • 37 lbs buoyancy
  • Cover constructed of flame resistant 6 oz. Nomex® aramid fabric
  • Adjustable waist belt accommodates a range of sizes
  • Pocket on waist belt provides storage for Emergency Location Transmitter (not included)
  • Fire resistant
  • Comes in a water resistant pouch for storage
  • Re-arm with MI5707 CO²

SIN 633-21a

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