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Type I S.O.L.A.S 74/83 Life Jacket


LP-10 - A life jacket designed with maximum buoyancy for high freeboard and quick righting of unconscious wearers.

Seahorse Type I Fabric Cover Offshore Life Vest brought to you by Taylortec Type I Fabric Covered Offshore Life Jacket


LP-2 -This life jacket closely follows U.S. Coast Guard drawings 160.0551B, models 63 and 67.

Seahorse Type I Vinyl Coated Life Jacket brought to you by Taylortec Type I Vinyl Coated Offshore Life Jacket


LP-1 - The value of vinyl is long lasting. This design will far outlast fabric-covered life jackets in use or in storage.

Seahorse type I extended size life jacket brought to you by Taylortec Type I Extended Size Life Jacket


LP-11 - Ideal for vessels that carry large groups of children. This device will mostly eliminate the need to own a supply of of children's life jackets in addition to the normal compliment of adult life vests.

Seahorse Type V welding ready Work Vest brought to you by Taylortec Type V Work Vest


WV-10 - The flexible Ensolite® foam flotation pads cover a minimum body area to increase ventilation and promote freedom of movement. The live jacket can be easily adjusted to fit most adults (up to 58" chest measurement).

Special pricing available on quantities of 15+. Call 763-263-9835

Type V Fabric Covered Work Vest Model WV-9-A  
WV-9-A - This low priced vest follows the same basic design as Model WV-10 (above). It is light in weight and has a handy front pocket for added utility. The nylon cover is standard.

Type V Vinyl Fabric Covered Work Vest Model WV-9-B  
WV-9-B - Same as the WV-9-A but with a heavy-duty, easy to clean vinyl cover.

Type V Welding Ready Work Vest Model WV-9-C  
WV-9-C - This vest uses flame resistant webbing, thread, fabric, and hardware. The low profile front pads allow room for a welder's mask.

Type V Fall Vest
SFV-10 - This version of the WV-10 work vest, using Ensolite® flotation foam, has a slot in the back to facilitate wearing a fall restraint harness.

Seahorse Work Vest Cover covers most Type V work vests and protects them from welder's spark brought to you by Taylortec Welder's Work Vest Cover
WR-2 - Made of durable fire resistant fabric, it attaches easily to the front of most brands of Type V work vests.

Rescue Tubes by Seahorse Rescue Tubes  
Seahorse tubes are made of durable Ensolite® PVC foam that will not absorb water if cut or punctured. The coating is a flexible vinyl paint that is abrasion resistant and easy to keep clean. Heavy weight webbing and strong corrosion resistant hardware are also used.

Head immobilizer by Seahorse Head Immobilizer
Made of easy-to-clean vinyl coated foam pads. The rigid base plate can be mounted to a variety of back boards. A special adhesive is used for all Velcro® surfaces to prevent separation. Easy to tighten and release Ladderloc® buckles are used on head, chin and board straps.

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