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Low Rope Challenge Course

Build Your Own Low Rope Course

Low rope challenge courses help build teamworkLow ropes provide an ideal teaching medium for many developmental programs and can be installed permanently or with a quick release system for foot ropes to address issues of unauthorized use and damage.

Low rope ladder challenge courseThe low ropes course is a series of problem-solving experiences that physically engage teams to develope and execute a plan. The challenges are low to the ground but are more difficult than they might look. Each challenge draws on every team member's contributions - their ideas, their support, and their efforts. The low ropes course is structured so that the activities gradually increase in level of difficulty so that the team continually extends its aspirations and its reach.

Many designs have evolved around physical problem solving exercises where the onus is placed on the team rather than the individual.

Low rope spider web challenge courseSPIDER WEB

Adventure seekers have the opportunity to entangle themselves in a "Spider Web" through an interlaced rope that forms a large web, suspended between two trees. The web has ten sections large enough for each team member to pass. Participants attempt to pass each member through a separate opening without touching the web. Depending upon the level of the group and the allotted time, this activity can be modified to make it more or less difficult.

Low rope bridge is out challenge courseBRIDGE IS OUT

Bridge is out gives group members the chance to travel from one platform to another, separated by a 10' gap, with the objective to cross or "bridge" the gap without touching the ground or letting the boards (both shorter than 10') touch the ground.

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