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mrd100 rescue stick from mustang survival replaces Stearns I014

Rescue Stick™


MRD100 - Incredibly easy to use, the Rescue Stick™ provides rapid flotation assistance to a person at risk of drowning. Simply throw the baton shaped Rescue Stick™ near the person.

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mrd175 rescue throw bag PRO from mustang survival replaces Stearns I021

Throw Line PRO


MRD175 - Mustang Survival MRD175 throw line bag is designed for water rescue professionals to allow for maximum throwing efficiency and ease of re-loading even with a gloved hand.

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rb30 30 inch ring buoy from seahorse taylortec replaces Stearns I030

30" Ring Buoy


RB30 - Seahorse Ring Buoy's shell is made of tough high density polyethylene that is UV stabilized. With 100% foam filling, the buoy will not absorb water if torn or punctured.

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mrd190 ring buoy throw line bag replaces Stearns I023

Ring Buoy Throw Line Bag


MRD190 - The solution for rapid deployment of a ring buoy and rescue line. Compact bag holds 90' of 9 mm 16-strand hollow braid, UV resistant polypropylene rope which has excellent flotation characteristics.

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three point ring buoy bracket from seahorse

Ring Buoy Bracket


TPB30 - Heavy duty three arm aluminumn bracket for a lifetime of maintenance free use is available for 20", 24" and 30" ring buoys. Ideal for mounting on pier piling or stanchion, as well as on cabin walls.

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rbc30 ring buoy cover

Ring Buoy Cover


RBC - Seahorse nylon/vinyl orange fabric protects your buoy from the elements, work place environment, etc. Prolongs the life of the buoy line. It is imprinted with the words "Ring Buoy".

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rap200k rope tender kit

Rescue Rope Tender


RAP-200K - This water and ice rescue rope tender kit is a convenient option for any rescue professional. This kit includes Reel-A-Pail QuickWinder™ RAP-200 offering a re-usable, easy to use solution to drying and storage of water and ice rescue rope.

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mrk110 water rescue kit from mustang survival replaces Stearns I014

Water Rescue Kit


MRK110 - The first person on the scene is not always equipped to execute a safe water rescue. Without the proper equipment and training, the first responder may not be able to execute a safe rescue, greatly reducing the probability of the victim's survival.

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mrd050 rescue training stick from mustang survival

Rescue Training Stick


MRD050 - Rescue Training Stick is designed to allow rescue professionals practice throwing to a target as though there was a victim in the water. MRD050 is designed to have the same feel and weight as the MRD100 Rescue Stick™.

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mrd075 75 foot throw bag ring buoy from mustang survival

75' Throw Bag


MRD075 - The MRD075 throw line bag is used after the victim has been stabilized with a flotation device such as the Mustang Survival MRD100 Rescue Stick™

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mrd030 30 inch ring buoy from mustang survival replaces Stearns I030

30" Ring Buoy


MRD030 - Mustang Survival's Ring Buoy shell is made of low density polyethylene designed for superior life expectancy in the most harsh environments.

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rb24 24 inch ring buoy from seahorse taylortec replaces Stearns I024

24" Ring Buoy


RB24 - Seahorse ring buoy's have a floating polypropylene grab line can which can easily be replaced in the field. SOLAS grade reflective tape is available for an additional fee.

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