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wv-10 vinyl dip coated work vest

Vinyl Coated Work Vest


WV-10 -The flexible Ensolite® foam flotation pads cover a minimum body area to increase ventilation and promote freedom of movement.

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welder work vest cover from taylortec

Welder's Work Vest Cover


WR-2 - Made of durable fire resistant fabric, this welder's cover attaches easily to the front of most brands of Type V work vests and protects foam, fabric and straps from sparks.

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sfv10 type 5 fall vest

Type V Fall Vest


SFV-10 - This version of the WV-10 work vest, using Ensolite® flotation foam, has a slot in the back to facilitate wearing a fall restraint harness.

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wv9c taylortec Welding Ready Work Vest

Welding Ready Work Vest


WV-9C - This vest uses flame resistant webbing, thread, fabric, and stainless steel hardware. The low profile front pads allow room for a welder's mask

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wv9d taylortec Fall Restraint Work Vest

Fall Restraint Work Vest


WV-9D - The same as the WV-9C but has a slot in the back to facilitate wearing over a fall restraint harness, Tthe snap hook and lanyard can be worn outside the life jacket.

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radio or telephone pouch for life vests

Radio / Telephone Pouch


Pouch - Available in either short or long these pouches accomodate telephone, radio, walkie-talkie, etc.

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lp10 taylortec Type I Fabric Covered LP

Type I Fabric Covered LP


LP-10 - Designed with maximum buoyancy for high freeboard and quick righting of unconscious wearers. The large adjustable neck hole provides superior comfort for the wearer, while the compact rectangular shape makes it easy to store.

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lp2a Type I Fabric Covered LP Taylortec

Type I Fabric Covered LP


LP-2 - This life jacket closely follows U.S. Coast Guard drawings 160.0551B, models 63 and 67. A nylon acrylic fabric shell, polypropylene webbing, stainless steel hardware, and closed cell foam flotation make the LP-2 affordable and efficient.

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lp1 taylortec Type I Vinyl Coated LP

Type I Vinyl Coated LP


LP-1 - The value of vinyl coated life vest is long lasting. This design will far outlast fabric covered life jackets in use or in storage. The tough vinyl coating is easy to clean and resistant to caustics, acids, UV light, hydrocarbons, mildew, fading, dirt, tears and abrasions.

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lp11 taylortec Type I extended size fabric covered LP

Type I Extended Size LP


LP-11 - Ideal for vessels that carry large groups of children. LP-11 will mostly eliminate the need to own a supply of of children's life jackets in addition to the normal amount of adult PFD's. On passenger boats, it will reduce the required amount of +10% children's life jackets to +5%.

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PFD safety whistle

PFD Safety Whistle


WH - This whistle is approved for life vests, immersion suits and life rafts, and complies with SOLAS / USCG / MED / ISO. A tether line makes it easy to attach within reach. Keep this whistle with your PFD so that any overboard situation is resolved easier by the victim being able to signal for help.

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