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MSF300 tactical aircrew dry suit system

Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System


MSF300 - The MSF300 is a two-layer Aircrew Dry Suit that combines the performance of the 3 layer MAC300 into two layers allowing greater mobility with reduced bulk and lower thermal burden. The MSF300 comes ready to wear with included universally sized dry socks, trim to fit wrist seals and Closed Comfort System CCS™ adjustable neck seal.

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Sentinel™ Aviation Dry Suit


MSD697 - This Sentinel™ Series Aviation Dry Suit is a waterproof, breathable, fire-resistant dry suit ideal for extended over water missions in colder climates. Developed with input from the United States Army Aviation and the United States Coast Guard Aviation, the MSD967 Aviation Dry Suit is a full featured dry suit providing unparalleled comfort and mobility. Rapid Repair Technology™ enables users to field replace neck and wrist seals and repair small leaks in an hour or less.

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M-24 flame retardant inflatable life vest

Flame Retardant Inflatable PFD


M-24 - Kent Safety's M-24 Deluxe Inflatable PFD combines the advanced safety of inflatable technology with product enhancements such as two zippered utility pockets for a spare CO² cartridge or other small gear. The Velcro® closure makes it easy to re-pack after deployment. M-24 is durable and constructed using flame retardant materials and boasts 22.5 lbs of buoyancy for those who face both water and fire hazards.

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MSD660 sentinel series aviation rescue swimmer dry suit

Sentinel™ Series Aviation Rescue Swimmer Dry Suit


MSD660 GS - Mustang Survival's Sentinel Series™ MSD660 is a specialized dry suit designed for US Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers. The MD660 is a flame resistant dry suit but it also is available in a NON-flame resistant version MSD660 AF specially designed for US Air Force Pararescue. This suit is designed to aid in hypothermia protection during surface operations.

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MSD660 sentinel series aviation rescue swimmer dry suit

Sentinel™ Series Aviation Rescue Swimmer Dry Suit


MSD660 NF - Mustang Survival's Sentinel™ Series MSD660 NF is a specialized dry suit designed for US Air Force Pararescue and adopted by USAF PJs. The suit is designed to aid in hypothermia protection during surface operations in or on the water when worn with insulating undergarments. Customized fit can be achieved through the standard 24 available sizes, adjustable internal suspenders and a waist adjustment system.

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ms2175 united states navy work suit

Anti-Exposure Worksuit


MS195 FR - Developed in response to a unique requirement for a coverall that provides flotation, hypothermia and fire protection to the wearer. Bringing all of the features of Mustang Survival's line of deluxe flotation suits, the MS195 FR flame resistant version offers an anti-static 6 oz Nomex® IIIA outer shell and lining. While the MS195 FR is based on the original floater suit concept used by industrial clients on or over water, this specialized version has been modified extensively for use in the aviation environment.

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MAC10 aviation flight suit

Aviation Flight Suit


MAC10 - Close fitting, anti-exposure suit for pilots and passengers flying over marine environments. Designed to replace multiple garments used to protect aircrew from individual operational hazards, the integrated three layer suit offers protection from fire and its radiant heat, cold exposure, cold water immersion and drowning. A durable, flame resistant Nomex® anti-static outer layer provides protection for the inherently buoyant, thermal protective wetsuit.

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MAC100 breathable constant wear flight suit

Breathable Aviation Flight Suit


MAC100 - The MAC100 is a breathable flight coverall that provides anti-exposure protection without sacrificing comfort during prolonged missions. Engineered for maximum mobility during marine aircraft operations, this three layer integrated suit provides protection against fire, radiant heat, cold weather, cold-water immersion and drowning.

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