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Ice Rider

Ice Rider gear in action

Many years ago, Mustang Survival introduced the original flotation snowmobile suit. Since then, Ice Rider has evolved into a complete line of comfortable, technical apparel that looks great and provides protection you can count on. In fact, Ice Rider boasts the same survival qualities as the products we make for NASA, fighter pilots, Coast Guards, and professional mariners.

How Ice Rider works:

Ice Rider flotation

The amount of buoyancy and the position of the buoyant material in the suit floats a person horizontally enabling them to pull themselves onto the ice.

Ice Rider flotation

AirSoft™ closed cell foam provides thermal insulation from the water. The closed cell foam capitalizes on both its non-water absorption characteristics as well as the insulation properties of the trapped air. The foam insulation further assists by preventing sharp gasping and taking in of water - a common cold shock effect of sudden cold water immersion.

Ice Rider flotation

Ice Rider has been tested to have a Clothing Insulation (Clo) value of approximately 0.35 in 5°C/41°F water. Depending on the size, health, body position and activity of the person in the water, that Clo value translates into a full 60 to 90 minutes of survival time before hypothermia sets in.

Trusted by the Best

  • US Coast Guard
  • USCG Auxiliary
  • Air Force
  • Navy
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  • NASA
  • FBI
  • Homeland Security
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