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Manual Inflatable PFD's

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MD2014 03 inflatable personal flotation device replaces Stearns 1271

M.I.T.™ Manual Inflatable


MD2014 03 - Membrane Inflatable Technology M.I.T.™ is a brand new inflatable technology used exclusively in Mustang Survival's next generation of inflatable PFD's. M.I.T.™ inflatable PFD's use stretch materials derived from the medical industry. By using less fabric and lighter weight components, this PFD provides an overall lighter, more flexible and comfortable fit.

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Kent a/m-33 all clear manual inflatable PFD

A/M-33 All Clear®


1328 - Kent's Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket offers enhanced design for even more peace of mind. The hook and loop closure has been replaced with a YKK Quickburst® zipper to keep the inflated chamber protected, while still opening just as easily when activated. The secure-pull inflation handle clips to the body of the vest for quick release and tucks away when not in use.

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M-24 flame retardant inflatable life vest

Flame Retardant Inflatable PFD


M-24 - Kent Safety's M-24 Deluxe Inflatable PFD combines the advanced safety of inflatable technology with product enhancements such as two zippered utility pockets for a spare CO² cartridge or other small gear. M-24 is durable and constructed using flame retardant materials and boasts 22.5 lbs of buoyancy.

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MD1502 RATIS manual inflatable LPU



MD1502 - While the MD1502 RATIS™ LPU only weighs 1 lb, it provides 40 lbs buoyancy. The biggest contributor to this weight savings is a new ultralightweight membrane film, used for the inflation chamber. Almost invisible low-profile design allows full field of vision and head mobility without interfering with equipment. Easily connects to almost any armor carrier.

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MIV10 manual inflatable fisherman vest pfd

Manual Fisherman's Vest


MIV-10 -Excellent for fishing in warm weather, the Mustang Inflatable Fishing Vest is comfortable and lightweight - so you might forget you're wearing a PFD. Activated by manually pulling an activation cord, the Inflatable Vest is lighter and cooler than regular foam vest but still offers the same flotation performance. Great to wear over a t-shirt or layers while lake or river fishing.

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MD3381 Pilot 38 manual inflatable PFD

Pilot 38 HIT™ Inflatable


MD3181 - 38 lbs. / 170 N buoyancy when inflated by manually activated Hammar inflator. Strobe light holder, safety whistle and SOLAS reflective tape on the inflation cell for enhanced visibility and safety. Durable outer shell and water resistant pocket which is easily accessible. ** For government agencies, this product isavailable manufactured in a TAA compliant location.

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MD7183 khimera hybrid inflatable pfd

Khimera™ Dual PFD


MD7183 - Lightweight and low profile design offers greater comfort and range of motion, and eases re-entry into your boat from the water. Eight pounds foam buoyancy keeps you afloat without bulk. Pulling the manual inflator boosts you to 20.5 lbs of buoyancy - 1½ times buoyancy than traditional foam vests.

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MD3025 anniversary edition manual inflatable belt pack pfd

Minimalist Belt Pack PFD


MD3070 - A tiny, lightweight, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist. Manually operated by pulling in the activation tab, the inflatable pillow is immediately released from the compact waist pouch and pulled over the head to support the user behind the neck.

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MD4041 MIT Manual pfd

M.I.T.™ 70 Manual Inflatable


MD4041 - Mustang Survival took the most loved inflatable and made it even more flexible, comfortable and lightweight - without compromising on durability, quality, or safety. The M.I.T.™ 70 is the smallest inflatable PFD approved in North America, making it your new favorite vest to pack for every inshore adventure. Approval: Harmonized Level 70 - Simplified regulations offer less complexity and increased function making it easier for boaters to comply with local regulations.

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MD3181 law enforcement pfd

Manual - Law Enforcement


MD3181 LE - Your favorite offshore vest, with more control in your hands. Mustang Survival took their safest inflatable that navigates you through the most intense environments with confidence and added 38 lbs. buoyancy when inflated by manually activated Hammar® inflator. Back flap can be lettered with department identification.

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MD3085 LE manual inflatable law enforcement

Manual - Law Enforcement


MD3085 LE - Deluxe Inflatable PFD's combine the advanced safety of inflatable technology with new product enhancements such as comfort improvement features and a safety inspection window to readily tell users if the inflator is ready for use. The neoprene Comfort Collar™ eliminates neck irritation and the back flap can be lettered with department identification. DISCONTINUED Limited Stock.

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MD3091 law enforcement pfd

Compact Inflatable Manual


MD3091 - The Mustang Survival MD3091 is a compact life preserver that provides durable flotation protection. Designed specifically for easy integration with body armor and tactical vests using a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) webbing system, the MD3091 can be inflated in seconds with a simple pull of the beaded handle.

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MA3632 pfd belt extender

PFD Belt Extender


MA7632 - The belt extender allows wearers with large size requirements to use most Mustang Survival inflatable PFD's and will add 12" to the waist belt.

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MA6000 utility pouch for inflatable PFD's

Utility Pouch


MA6000 - Designed specifically for U.S. Coast Guard and provides adequate space to stow required signaling and survival equipment.

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