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mj3510 meris sailing jacket

Meris™ Sailing Jacket


MJ3510 02 - Engineered for active offshore sailing, the Meris™ Offshore Sailing Jacket is built on a minimalist chassis, delivering unrestricted movement and connection to your surroundings.

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mj3500 meris sailing spray top

Meris™ Sailing Spray Top


MJ3500 - Geared for active sailing, Meris™ Sailing Spray Top is built on a minimalist lightweight chassis, delivering unrestricted movement, quick venting and the driest adjustable gaskets on the market.

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mp3000 meris sailing salopettes

Meris™ Sailing Salopettes


MP3000 02 - Geared for active sailing, the Meris™ Sailing Salopettes are built on a minimalist lightweight chassis, allowing sailors to push harder, whether it's impact with the boat, or through the elements.

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mj2900 callan jacket

Callan™ Jacket


MJ2900 - The lightest waterproof, breathable jacket in the Mustang Survival lineup. Designed for inshore environments, 3-Layer MarineSpec™ MP has stretch for dynamic movements, perfect for working hard at the regatta.

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mp2900 callan salopettes

Callan™ Salopettes


MP2900 - Lift, grind, and rail. Waterproof, windproof, Callan™ Salopettes with MarineSpec™ MP was developed for maximum breathability in high output marine activities. Super light weight and nimble with a smart athletic cut.

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mj1000 taku jacket

Callan™ Shorts


MP2901 - This light weight stretch 3-layer Callan™ waterproof short offers waterproof and windproof protection with maximum flexibility. With a smart athletic cut, it'll keep water off your seat.

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MD7183 khimera hybrid inflatable pfd

Khimera™ Dual PFD


MD7183 - Lightweight and low profile design offers greater comfort and range of motion, and eases re-entry into your boat from the water. Eight pounds foam buoyancy keeps you afloat without bulk. Pulling the manual inflator boosts you to 20.5 lbs of buoyancy - 1½ times buoyancy than traditional foam vests.

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MRV150 universal fit swift water rescue vest

Hudson™ Dry Suit


MSD200 - Hudson™ Dry Suit is Mustang Survival's first ever recreational dry suit. Comfortable all day wear with complete dry performance, durable waterproof and windproof protection with stretch and maximum breathability. Engineered and built at the Mustang Survival Waterlife Studio in British Columbia.

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