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MA6000 accessory pocket for PFD

Accessory Pocket


MA6000 -Designed to attach to the waist belt of all Mustang Survival inflatable PFD's.

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MA7632 pfd belt extender

PFD Belt Extender


MA7632 - PFD belt extender will add 12" to the waist belt. This belt extender is fits PFD's with 2" buckles.

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ma7637 pfd belt extender

PFD Belt Extender


MA7637 - PFD belt extender will add 12" to the waist belt. This belt extender is fits PFD's with 1.5" buckles.

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ma3032 pfd leg strap assembly

Leg Strap


MA3032 - Initially designed for special operations missions, this accessory leg strap snaps around the PDF waist belt to provide a more secure fit.

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ma3090 pfd strap assembly

Strap Assembly


MA3090 - Chest belt / crotch strap assembly provides an option for use of MD3091, MD3091 SO, MD3196, MD3196 SO as a stand alone life preserver.

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ma0060 molle compatable pocket

MOLLE Pocket


MA0060 - The MOLLE compatible semi-rigid foam fishing pocket is for the Elite™ Series, DLX and REV PFD's which allows for versatile configuration of required accessories.

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ma7099 acr hemilight 2

ACR Hemilight 3


MA7099 - The ACR HemiLight Water Activated Rescue Light integrates with Mustang Survival Immersion Suits and inflatable PFD's to increase in water visibility.

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MA7136 insulated hood

Insulated Hood


MA7136 - Insulated foul weather hood for Mustang Survival Classic flotation coats and jackets.

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msl606 thermal base toque hat cap

Thermal Base Layer Toque


MSL606 - Middle weight thermal base layer toque made from a combination of Polartec® Power Grid™ and water repellent Polartec® Wind Pro®.

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ma0100 baseball cap

Baseball Cap


MA0100 - Classic ball cap vith Velcro® adjustment

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ma0101 flat brim hat

Flat Brim Hat


MA0101 - Flat brim hat with Flexfit® snap back adjustment

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ma7000 public safety ball cap

Public Safety Hat


MA7000 - Designed for thermal management, sun protection and general wear.

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ma0098 large MOLLE pocket

Large MOLLE Pocket


MA0098 - Large pocket attaches to any MOLLE system.

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ma0099 small molle pocket

Small MOLLE Pocket


MA0099 - Small pocket attaches to any MOLLE system.

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ma2282 replacement liner for ic9002

Dry Suit Test Kit


MA8836 - Dry Suit Test Kit enables qualified technicians to leak test dry suits as part of the periodic inspection cycle.

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MA7112 ANSI weatherproof hood

Snap-on Hood


MA7112 - Weatherproof hood for Integrity™ and Classic float coats and jackets allow for added warmth and protection from the elements. Discontinued - Limited Supply Available

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