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Secure Screen is a retractable garage door screen which can also be adapted to many other uses such as porches, barns and many commercial applications.

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Splicing Instructions

Rope splicing is a very strong method of fixing a loop eye or joining two ends together; as the rope is pulled tighter, the spliced strands become more and more squeezed and locked into place.

Splicing Index



Add that decorative touch to your house, deck or yard with Manila 3-strand rope.

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Yacht Braid is abraision resistant with super low stretchYacht Braid

This line is first grade high tenacity fiber braided in a pre-stretched double braided radial construction. The balanced structure makes an abrasion-resistant, torque-free braid with super low stretch characteristics. Punish this workhorse and it will ask for more. Notice the high-strength solution-dyed color polyester tracers - compare this to the competition! This design is the first choice for the best all-around value. Exceeds both Government and Cordage Institute standards for break strength.

  • High Strength

  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • Low Torque

  • Minimum Snag

  • Splices Easily

  • Anti-Hockle

  • Radial Construction



Approx. Strength Lbs




3/16" 5 1,200 85 600' $96.42
1/4" 6 2,200 55 600' $112.70
5/16" 8 3,200 33 600' $190.27
3/8" 9.5 4,200 24 600' $264.19
7/16" 11 5,500 17 600' $380.54
1/2" 12.5 7,000 14 600' $461.76
9/16" 14 8,000 11 600' $532.03
5/8" 16 11,000 9 600' $651.00
3/4" 19 15,000 6 600' $855.42

**3M Reflective tracer is available in most braids for additional cost.

Yacht Braid Brite will resist bleed and fade and is easy to spliceYACHT BRAID BRITE

Based on the proven "Radial Low Stretch" design, Yacht Braid Brite is also a 100% polyester rope. The big difference is in the cover, which features dazzling color courtesy of the solution-dyed polyester fibers. These colors will resist bleed and fade much better than imitations and after-dyed yarns. For the sharpest looks on board, you can't beat this. This rope has the feel of Yacht Braid and it splices easily. Available in brite colors with a contrasting white triple tracer.

  • Mid-High Strength

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Dazzling Brite Colors

  • Minimum Snag

  • Splices Easily

  • Anti-Hockle

  • Radial Construction

Colors Available
Brite Blue
Brite Red
Brite Green
Brite Black
Solid Black
Approx. Strength Lbs Linear
Roll Sale
3/16" 5 1,000 85 600' $122.40
1/4" 6 2,000 55 600' $169.68
5/16" 8 3,000 33 600' $278.74
3/8" 9.5 4,000 24 600' $385.92
7/16" 11 5,000 17 600' $562.34
1/2" 12.5 6,500 14 600' $662.93
5/8" 16 10,000 9 600' $912.00
3/4" 19 13,000 6 600' $1,192.00

**3M Reflective tracer is available in most braids for additional cost.

POSH is a spun polyester fuzzy braidPOSH SPUN POLYESTER

POSH is a spun polyester fuzzy braid, which gives this rope a comfortable feel and high grip. Constructed with a 100% high tenacity polyester core, POSH is another popular choice for the cruiser's running rigging. Available in a rainbow of colors in two braid patterns - white with quad color tracer, or solid color with dual white tracers.

  • Medium Strength

  • High Visibility

  • High Grip

  • Splices Easily

  • Easy Hand

Colors Available
Solid White
Approx. Strength Lbs Linear
Roll Sale
3/16" 5 800 85 600' $98.66
1/4" 6 1,700 66 600' $115.00
5/16" 8 2,400 34 600' $233.00
3/8" 9.5 3,300 28 600' $273.00
7/16" 11 4,000 18 600' $446.00
1/2" 12.5 5,000 16 600' $478.00
5/8" 16 7,000 10.5 600' $769.00
3/4" 19 10,000 7.5 600' $1,005

TENSILE STRENGTHS: are determined from tests on new, unused rope in accordance with standard test methods of the Cordage Institute.


Because of the wide range of rope use, rope condition, exposure to the several factors affecting rope behavior, and the degree of risk to life and property involved, it is impossible to make blanket recommendations as to working loads. However, to provide guidelines, working loads are tabulated for rope in good condition with appropriate splices, in non-critical applications and under normal service conditions.

The Cordage Institute Formula for working load is:

Working Load = Minimum Breaking Strength/Safety Factor

A higher working load may be selected only with expert knowledge of conditions and professional estimate of risk. Also, if the rope has not been subject to dynamic loading or other excessive use, has been inspected and found to be in good condition, is to be used in the recommended manner; if the application does not involve elevated temperatures, extended periods under load, or obvious dynamic loading (see explanation below) such as sudden drops, snubs or pickups. For all such applications and for applications involving more severe exposure conditions, or for recommendations on special applications, call Jay at 612-282-4035.

**Many uses of rope involve serious risk of injury to personnel or damage to valuable property. This danger is often obvious, as when a heavy load is supported above one or more workmen. An equally dangerous situation occurs if personnel are in line with a rope under tension. Should the rope fail, it may recoil with considerable force. Persons should be warned against the serious danger of standing in line with any rope under tension. IN ALL CASES WHERE SUCH RISKS ARE PRESENT, THERE IS ANY QUESTION ABOUT THE LOADS INVOLVED OR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CONDITIONS OF USE, THE WORKING LOAD SHOULD BE SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED AND THE ROPE PROPERLY INSPECTED.


Normal working loads are not applicable when the rope is subject to significant dynamic loading. Whenever a load is picked up, stopped, moved or swung there is an increased force due to dynamic loading. The more rapidly or suddenly such actions occur, the greater the increase will be. In extreme cases, the force put on the rope may be two, three or even more times the normal involved. Examples could be picking up a tow on a slack line or using a rope to stop a falling object. Therefore, in all such applications such as towing lines, lifelines, safety lines, climbing ropes, etc. working loads as given DO NOT APPLY.

Users should be aware that dynamic effects are greater on a low elongation rope such as polyester than on a high elongation rope such as nylon, and greater on a shorter rope than on a longer one. The working load ratios listed contain provision for very modest dynamic loads. This means, however, that when this working load has been used to select a rope, the load must be handled slowly and smoothly to minimize dynamic effects and avoid exceeding the provision for them.


The tensile strength charts apply to ropes tested at normal room temperature (70F). Ropes have lower tensile strengths at higher temperatures. 30F (or more) lower at the boiling point of water (212F) and continuing on down to zero strengths for nylon and polyester at 490F and 300F for polypropylene.

Also, continued exposure at elevated temperatures causes permanent damage. TENSILE STRENGTHS shown are average based on new ropes tested under laboratory conditions, minimum can vary by 10%.


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