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Flame Resistant Gear

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mj6214fr flame resistant version flotation bomber jacket

Flotation Bomber Jacket


MJ6214 FR - Designed for operations where the environment dictates the need for flame resistance and anti-static qualities as well as protection from the wet and cold.

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ms2175 united states navy work suit

Anti-Exposure Worksuit


MS195 FR - Developed in response to a unique requirement for a coverall that provides flotation, hypothermia and fire protection to the wearer.

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mp4212fr flame resistant bib pants

Flame Resistant Bibs


MP4212 FR - High fitting float bibs for extra protection from flame and foul weather. Extra durability with reinforced abrasion patches on knees.

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MSF300 tactical aircrew dry suit system

Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System


MSF300 - The MSF300 is a two-layer Aircrew Dry Suit that combines the performance of the 3 layer MAC300 into two layers allowing greater mobility with reduced bulk and lower thermal burden. The MSF300 comes ready to wear with included universally sized dry socks, trim to fit wrist seals and Closed Comfort System CCS™ adjustable neck seal.

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ma7345 replacement outer shell for msf300

Replacement Shell


MA7345 - Gore-Tex® / Nomex® replacement outer shell for MSF300

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