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SC1000 submarine escape suit from Mustang Survival

SC1000 submarine escape suit mustang survival

Available Colors:
SC1000 submarine escape commander Mustang Survival  Gold


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Military - Sea
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SC1000 - Mustang Survival's Submarine Surface Commander self inflating compact abandonment suit was designed as a maintenance free, quick don abandonment suit that provides unequalled thermal insulation and flotation in a damage tolerant design while using a minimum of the precious space available on submarines.

Created in collaboration with the Canadian Department of National Defense, the SC1000 Submarine Escape Commander Suit features Mustang Survival's patented Atmospheric Self Inflatable Suit technology.

The suit is designed with multiple dual layer compartments made of light weight open cell foam encased in polyurethane coated nylon. These compartments provide thermal protection and flotation. When the suit is compressed by vacuum packing, air is expelled from the open cell foam, allowing the suit to be packed into a compact package. When the vacuum seal is broken, the open cell foam expands allowing the SC1000 to return to its original shape in minutes.

Safety features include goggles, emergency whistle, stowed buddy line and pocket to accommodate auxiliary survival items. A spray hood stowed behind the neck line can be donned to provide additional protection.

Adult Universal Chest 30" - 52" 76 cm - 132 cm; Weight 80 lb 36 kg or over

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  • Integrated damage tolerant design
  • Adventure Lights VIP™ emergency light
  • SOLAS reflective tape increases visibility
  • Orally inflatable pillow provides additional buoyancy along with head and neck support
  • Includes emergency whistle, stowed buddy line and pocket to accommodate auxiliary survival items
  • Flexible tinted goggles provide protection from the sun
  • Tie straps at the ankles adjust and gather excess suit material on smaller individuals
  • Integrated boots with puncture resistant, non-slip soles allow for donning with footwear
  • Attached orally inflatable insulated mitts can be deflated for higher dexterity
  • Mitts stowed on sleeves
  • Spray hood stowed behind the neckline
  • Suitable for use in temperatures between -22° F and 122° F (-30° C and 50° C)
  • Buoyancy of 82.5 lbs (37.4 kg) with the hood pillow inflated and 55.6 lbs (25.2 kg) without

Patents: US 5,458,516; Canada 2,150,433

When vacuum packed, the trapped air inside the SC1000 is expelled via air permeable membranes allowing for a wide range of compact shapes for increased storage options. When the vacuum seal is broken, the open cell foam expands allowing the suit to return to its original shape in minutes for quick emergency donning.
SC1000 Submarine Escape Suit
Weight 10.2 lbs (4.6 kg)
Packed Volume 4 gal (15 L)
Thermal Insulation 1.06 Clo (turbulent)
Surface Buoyancy 82.5 lbs (365 N) with head pillow
55.5 lbs (245 N) without head pillow
Operational Temperature Range -22° F - 122° F (-30° C - 50° C)
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Mustang Survival's commitment to quality has earned their Richmond, VA facilities ISO9001 registration, the highest of all international standards. This is Mustang Survival's guarantee you're receiving the ultimate in design and manufacturing.
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