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CMP Z-Turn Dethatcher

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CMP Attachments CMP-ZLT zero-turn mower front mount dethatcher is designed especially for commercial and residential use. The tires and tines are made in the USA so you know you are buying quality product which will save you money and time. No more replacing tines every year because these tines are industrial agricultural tines. This CMP Z-Turn front mount dethatcher is built with 1/8" steel and 14GA main frame tubing. This front mount mower dethatcher rake is great for use in dethatching grass to let your lawn breath. Healthy grass needs air and room to grow. CMP dethatchers allow you to quickly and easily remove any build-up of dead grass, leaves, stems and over crowded roots promoting a lush, green lawn. No longer is your zero turn mower confined to using a pull behind dethatcher designed for a lawn tractor or ATV. With this CMP Attachments front mount dethatcher you aren't required to take wide turns to avoid damaging the hitch and toung of a pull behind dethatcher. This Zero-Turn dethatcher turns with your mower. Mounting in front of the mower allows the extracted thatch to be mulched by the mower blades, for faster decomposition, or collected using a sweeper.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots and other small lawn debris between the top growth of your grass and the roots. Thatch acts like a barrier shield to a healthy lawn, keeping moisture, air and nutrients from entering your lawn's root system. Removing this layer, or dethatching, helps your lawn's root system prosper. If you plan to seed, dethatching is an important step that should not be overlooked before spreading. Seed will often take root in thatch rather than the soil, and will die out quickly due to insufficient access to nutrients and water.

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Z-Turn Dethatcher

CMP Attachments zturn front mount residential dethatcher

CMP Attachments z-turn front mount commercial grade dethatcher

CMP Attachments zero-turn front mount commercial dethatcher

CMP Attachments 0-turn front mount residential dethatcher

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  • Available in 50" width
  • Light Duty construction utilizing 1/8" steel and 14GA main frame tubing
  • Tough powder-coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevent rust
  • Replaceable 3/16" diameter triple coil strength spring steel tines guarantee maximum efficiency, durability and thatch removal
  • Front mount dethatcher turns with your mower
  • Mounting in front of the mower allows the extracted thats to be mulched by the mower blades, for faster decomposition, or collected using a sweeper
  • Dual roteting wheels ensure the tines follow the contours of the lawn to prevent damage and maximize thatch pickup
  • Two rows of independently flexing tines remove dead grass and roots allowing your lawn's root system access to water and nutrients


Width's Available 50"
Color Finish Black corrosion resistant powder coat finish
Construction Heavy Duty construction utilizing 1/8" steel and 14GA main frame tubing
For use with Zero-Turn Mowers
Operating Modes Dethatch, Transport
Tines (qty) 20

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