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Spinlock ALTO inflatable belt pack PFD

ALTO Inflatable Belt Pack


AT/M75 - Designed for a range of watersports, the ALTO is a lightweight, compact, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist. Manually operated, the inflatable tube is released from the waist pack and then supports the user under the arms and around the chest, offering the ultimate in comfort and reassurance on the water..

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Spinlock DURO inflatable life jacket

SOLAS Twin Chamber PFD


SLS/A - Spinlock DURO SOLAS 275N lifejacket has been engineered for demanding use and conditions with a new heavy duty, durable outer cover is designed to be utilized where SOLAS approved lifejackets are required.

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Spinlock LTDH/A275 DRUO+ PFD with harness

DURO+ Deckvest PFD


LTDH/A275 - Based on Spinlock's award winning Deckvest 5D, the DURO+ offers commercial marine users the ultimate in comfort and fit in a lifejacket with a harness.

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Spinlock RAK-75 rearm kit

Deckvest USCG PFD


DW-LCG2/R - Simple and easy to use, the Deckvest LITE has a side entry and soft rear molding straps for added protection. Also inclides a built in safety whistle. One size fits all, with an adjustable waist belt that unclips to allow easy entry once you have it set to your size.

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Spinlock RAK-275 rearm kit

DURO+ Re-Arm Kit


RAK/E275 - Spinlock DURO+ 275N RAK/E275 Elite Re-Arming kit is UML and includes one 60g CO² cylinder and one firing head.

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rah/275 hammar re arm kit

Hammar® Re-Arm Kit


RAH/275 - Spinlock DURO 275N RAH/275 Re-Arming kit is Hammar® and includes one 60g CO² cylinder and one firing head, includes attached manual activation pull handle.

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1519 radio pocket



RAK/275 - Spinlock DURO SOLAS 275N RAK/E275 Re-Arming kit is UML 275N and includes one 60g CO² cylinder and one firing head.

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Spinlock RAK-75 rearm kit

ALTO Re-Arm Kit


RAK/75 - Spinlock has taken their knowledge from supplying flotation to a wide range of traditional leisure, industrial and custom users such as the Volvo Ocean Race, to develop an innovative category of flotation for a new group of customers.

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Deckvest LITE USCG rearm kit

Deckvest USCG Rearm Kit


RAR/33G - Deckvest USCG Inflatable Re-Arm Kit contains everything necessary to re-arm yourSpinlock Halkey Roberts® Inflatable after deployment.

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