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Manual Inflatable with Sailing Harness



Mustang Survival's line of Deluxe Inflatable PFD's combine the advanced safety of inflatable technology with new product enhancements such as a safety inspection window to easily tell users if the inflator is ready for use. The Velcro® closure makes it easy to wear and maintain while closing to the outside to reduce chafing around the neck and chest; neoprene Comfort Collar™ eliminates neck irritation. The MD3082 sports a manual inflation system and is light weight and close fitting to ensure it doesn't interfere with daily activities.

Made with an integrated sailing harness intended for attaching to boats with quick release under load tethers secured to both d-rings, the MD3082 is designed specifically for sailors frequenting rough weather. The MD3082 is a manual inflation system requiring the wearer to pull an activation cord to inflate the PFD.

Manually activated inflatable PFD's are inflated by pulling the inflation cord that hangs from the PFD at waist height. They will not inflate when they get wet or are immersed in water. Manually activated PFD's are a great choice for activities such as paddling, wade fishing and swimming where there is a reasonable chance you will end up in the water and are confident you will be able to pull the inflation cord when you need it. They are also ideal for situations where control over PFD inflation is desired.

The MD3082 PFD has been discontinued and replaced with MD3184 Automatic Inflatable with Sailing Harness and optional conversion cap to make it manual.

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  • Manual inflation when the activation cord is pulled
  • Zippered pocket for keys, phone or license
  • Safety inspection window allows user to inspect inflator status: green indicates inflator is ready for use
  • Comfortable neoprene collar prevents neck irritation
  • Durable 500 denier outer shell
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective tape
  • High performance inflatable cell with 35 lbs. buoyancy when inflated is capable of self-righting a face down person in seconds
  • Safety whistle
  • SOLAS reflective tape for increased visibility in water
  • All seams are welded and finished with additional reinforcemen
  • Compact design lays flat against chest for freedom of movement
  • Comfortable inflated and uninflated
  • non-corrosive quick-release buckle
  • Repacking is quick and easy
  • Integrated sailing harness with high quality stainless steel rings that snap down on either side; exceeds ORC standards
  • 1½" buckle
  • Quick release buckle
  • D-ring for tether attachment
  • Re-arm with MA7114 kit

Approval: U.S.C.G. - UL1180 - Type V with Type III Performance - Inflatable PFD's 160.076

Available Colors

MD3082 manual inflate pfd with sailing harness pinkMD3082 manual inflatable with sailing harness in blackmd3082 manualc inflatable vest with sailing harness carbon Pink/Black/Carbon
MD3082 manual inflatable PFD with sailing harness royal bluMD3082 manual inflator with sailing harness royal blueMD3082 carbon manual inflatable lifejacket with sailing harness Royal/Black/Carbon


MD3082 manual inflatable PFD with sailing harness pink

MD3082 manual inflatable PFD with sailing harness royal blue

MD3085 manual inflatable inflated

MD3082 Size Chart

  Chest (inches) Weight (lbs) Chest (cm) Weight (kg)
Universal 30" - 52" 80lbs. or over 76 - 132 36 kg or over

Download Mustang Survival MD3082 User Manual

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Formula to Determine Buoyancy

If a man weighs 200 pounds on land, he only weighs 10 pounds in the water.

80% of the human body is water. Water in the body has no weight in the water.

200 pounds x 80% = 160 pounds
200 pounds – 160 pounds = 40 pounds

The human body is 15% fat, fat is lighter than water.

200 pounds x 15% = 30 pounds
40 pounds – 30 pounds = 10 pounds

A 200 pound person only weighs 10 pounds in the water.

A U.S.C.G. approved Type V vest is mandated to have 17.5 pounds of buoyancy.

If a man weighs 350 pounds on land, he only weighs:

80% of the human body is water. Water in the body has no weight in the water.

350 x 80% = 280 pounds
350 pounds – 280 pounds = 70 pounds

The human body is 15% fat, fat is lighter than water.

350 pounds x 15% = 52.5 pounds
70 pounds – 52.5 pounds = 17.5 pounds

A 350 pound person weighs 17.5 pounds in the water.

Type V PFD

In regards to using Work Vests or any other Life Jacket, the saying goes “It can only save your life if you’re wearing it.” Less obvious is what to expect upon entering the water once you take an unexpected fall. Depending on the height from which you fall, position of your body when entering the water, along with any currents present you may be kep under longer than you think. Type V Vests are required by United States Coast Guard to have a minimum buoyant force of 17 ½ pounds. This is adequate buoyancy to keep your head, neck and the top of your shoulders above the water. You will rise to the surface more quickly with more body fat and air pockets in your clothing. A lean and muscular person will rise more slowly to the surface.

A person of 200 lbs weighs 10 lbs in the water, 80% of a person’s weight is water which has no weight in the water, and about 15% is fat, which is lighter than water, consequently, the real weight of the person in water is about 10 pounds.

Having your Vest fit snugly is key to survival. Loose fitting or unbuckled Vests can slip over your head when falling feet first, allowing you to sink much further down. Hold on to your Vest as you enter the water just in case. Nothing is more important at that moment than getting your mouth above the top of the waves. Once in the water pull your Vest down to make sure all of the buoyancy is under the water. This will get your mouth and nose as high as possible. Most Vests have a strap that goes under your arms to keep your vest from riding up. If it is missing then replacement is recommended. Vests wear out over time and will lose some of their buoyancy. Here’s a quick way to check for the minimum buoyancy of 17 ½ pounds. Attach 20 pounds of steel weight to the Vest. Dumb bell weights work just fine. Twenty pounds of steel weight weighs approximately 17 ½ pounds in the water. If your Vest floats above or just below the surface, it still meets the minimum required buoyancy. If it sinks it should be replaced. The foam in your Vest will lose its buoyancy if it is compressed under weight or crammed in storage. It’s best to hang them or set them on a shelf when not in use.

Humans are land dwellers and need a little help in the water.

Mustang Survival Warranty and Repair Information

**Products not eligible for returns include: Re-Arm Kits, Custom Orders, Non Current and Non Stock Products, Discontinued Products and Inflatable PFD's purchased 6 months ago or longer.

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