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3 point hitch tractor dethatcher

3-Point Dethatcher

Starting $339.00

This 3 point tractor dethatcher rake is great for use in dethatching grass, horse arenas, driveways, pre-seeding, raking leaves and sticks, dethatching pastures for better grass growth, planting and dethatching food plots, or to help level off trails or loose dirt.

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zero turn heavy duty commercial grade front mount dethatcher

Heavy Duty Dethatcher


This CMP Attachments heavy duty Zero-Turn front mount dethatcher is built with 3/16" steel and 11GA main frame tubing. This front mount mower dethatcher rake is great for use in dethatching grass to let your lawn breath. Healthy grass needs air and room to grow.

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zero turn residential and commercial grade front mount dethatcher

Z-Turn Dethatcher


CMP dethatchers allow you to quickly and easily remove any build-up of dead grass, leaves, stems and over crowded roots promoting a lush, green lawn. No longer is your zero turn mower confined to using a pull behind dethatcher designed for a lawn tractor or ATV.

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cmp attachments replacement dethatcher tine

Replacement Tine


Replacement tine for all CMP Attachments dethatcher models and are made in the USA so you know you are buying quality product which will save you money and time.

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