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Hudson™ Dry Suit

MSD200 02

MAP XS-3XL $1,249.99

Finally - a dry suit designed and built specifically for you: the water lover interested in gearing up in a suit that serves all your water life needs. Hudson™ Dry Suit is Mustang Survival's first ever recreational dry suit and makes it easy and comfortable to explore cooler waters or extend your in-water adventure season.. Comfortable all day wear with complete dry performance and maximum breathability. Few and strategically placed seams offer performance without sacraficing comfort. Trimable neoprene wrist cuffs, integrated socks and Mustang Survival's patented Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal keeps water out where it matters most. Internal suspender system, adjustability at cuffs and knees offer a customized fit. Lightweight knee pads make hitting the deck a no brainer. Pockets at thigh and sleeve keep your fast grab goodseasily accessible. YKK® Aquaseal® zipper locks at the bottom - letting you in with ease and making relieving yourself simple.

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Zipper Lubricant MA2292 (add $62.40)
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TAA Compliant


  • MirineSpec™ BP fabric for bomber protection
  • Waterproof, breathable, super durable
  • Adjustable CCS™ Exoskin® neck seal, for quick one-handed watertight closure
  • Two expanding arm pockets with an internal lanyard attachment point
  • Waterproof YKK® Aquaseal® zipper doubles as entry and relief zipper
  • Easy wear internal suspenders balance suit weight for maximum fit and comfort
  • Replacement suspenders available MA0200
  • Water resistantzippered pocket on sleeve and thigh
  • Trimmable neoprene wrist cuffs for custom fit
  • Wrist over cuffs protect seals and easily peel back for sleeve adjustment
  • Super lightweight molded knee pads stay put with knee adjustment tabs
  • Reinforced sock soles can handle extra abuse (made from bladder material)
  • External hanging loop facilitates drying

The Mobility Based Sizing™ platform offers users a semi-custom suit that reduces bulk and increases range of motion.

For accurate measurements, please refer to the measurement instructions provided here: www.mustangsurvival.com/mobility


Durable waterproof and windproof protection with stretch and offers maximum breathability. A very soft, high performing fabric forms the inner and outer layers. Internally, a fully waterproof, windproof, and exceptionally breathable non-porous membrane offers marine protection for higher output activities on the water.

Use the chart below to guage which size you need. Measure as follows:

CHEST - Measure the horizontal circumference around the chest at the maximum girth

WAIST - Measure the horizontal circumference around the belt (waist) line

HIPS - Measure the horizontal circumference around the hips and buttocks at the maximum girth

SLEEVE - Measure the distance from the center of the back along the outside of the arm to the outer tip of the wrist bone

INSEAM - Marsure the vertical distance from the crotch to the floor

HEIGHT - Measure height

msd200 wrist closure msd200 zippered sleeve pocket msd200 zippered leg pocket

Available Colors

MSD200 hudson dry suit grayMSD200 hudson dry suit yellow Admiral Gray/Mahi
MSD200 hudson dry suit grayMSD200 hudson dry suit red Admiral Gray/Red

MSD200 02

MSD200 hudson dry suit gray yellow front

MSD200 hudson dry suit gray yellow black

MSD200 hudson dry suit gray red front

MSD200 hudson dry suit gray red back

MSD200 02 Size Chart

37" - 40"
94 cm - 102 cm
39" - 42"
99 cm- 107 cm
41" - 44"
104 cm - 112 cm
45" - 48"
114 cm - 122 cm
49" - 52"
125 cm - 132 cm
31" - 34"
79 cm - 86 cm
34" - 37"
86 cm - 94 cm
35" - 38"
89 cm - 97 cm
41" - 44"
104 cm - 112 cm
46" - 49"
117 cm - 125 cm
38" - 41"
97 cm - 104 cm
39" - 42"
99 cm - 107 cm
40" - 43"
102 cm - 109 cm
43" - 46"
109 cm - 117 cm
47" - 50"
119 cm - 127 cm
31" - 33"
79 cm - 84 cm
33" - 35"
84 cm - 89 cm
34" - 36"
86 cm - 91 cm
36" - 38"
91 cm - 97 cm
37" - 39"
94 cm - 99 cm
30" - 32"
76 cm - 81 cm
32" - 34"
81 cm - 86 cm
33" - 35"
84 cm - 89 cm
34" - 36"
86 cm - 91 cm
34" - 36"
86 cm - 91 cm
Torso Hoop
62" - 65"
158 cm - 165 cm
65" - 68"
165 cm - 173 cm
67" - 70"
170 cm - 177 cm
71" - 74"
180 cm - 188 cm
76" - 79"
193 cm - 201 cm
64" - 67"
163 cm - 170 cm
68" - 71"
173 cm - 180 cm
69" - 72"
175 cm - 183 cm
73" - 76"
185 cm - 193 cm
75" - 78"
191 cm - 198 cm

Mustang Survival Warranty and Repair Information

**Products not eligible for returns include: Re-Arm Kits, Custom Orders, Non Current and Non Stock Products, Discontinued Products and Inflatable PFD's purchased 6 months ago or longer.

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California Proposition 65

Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 – Warnings Required

WARNING: This Mustang Survival product can expose you to chemicals including Di-methyl formamide (DMF) and Antimony trioxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Ethylene glycol (ingested), which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

We appreciate your decision to purchase Mustang Survival products to provide the best on water experience. We take our job seriously! You may have noticed that our products now show a warning label at point of sale referring to carcinogens and birth defects. You may also have begun to see warnings related to carcinogenic substances or substances causing birth defects prominently displayed in hotel lobbies, hospitals, or other places of business recently. These warnings are required by the State of California, and we believe that an explanation of the California statute legislating the requirement will provide you valuable information regarding the relative risks of the chemicals that may be present in consumer products.

In 1986, the State of California passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act; otherwise known as “Proposition 65” or "Prop 65". Prop 65 requires businesses like ours to disclose to individuals the presence of chemicals listed in the Act prior to point of sale. The regulations implementing this Act have been amended over time with the most recent updates will take effect on August 30, 2018. There are more than 900 chemicals on the Prop 65 Chemical List, including many chemicals that are found in components of a wide array of consumer goods or are used to manufacture components that make up consumer goods.

Prop 65 does not establish acceptable concentrations for any listed chemical; however, the agency which enforces it has established what is called "safe harbor" exposure levels for about one third of these chemicals below which warnings are not required. These "safe harbor" are established for listed carcinogens based on the quantity of the chemical that would result in one excess case of cancer in an exposed population of 100,000, assuming lifetime (70-year) exposure at the level in question. A similar process is used to establish safe harbor levels for listed reproductive toxicants. Additional information in plain language on safe harbor levels is available from the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment at http://oehha.ca.gov/Prop65/background/p65plain.html

At Mustang Survival, the safety of your on water experience is our highest priority. We go to great effort to select materials that offer superior value, quality, and durability while also being generally recognized as safe and reliable for the full life of the product. Mustang Survival also works closely with many regulatory bodies, such as the US Coast Guard and Underwriter’s Laboratories, to ensure the longevity of your on-water safety through targeted selection of durable, long lasting materials and components that undergo significant validation testing before being used to manufacture end items. Sometimes the safety promise we offer appears at odds with the health and safety requirements of other legislation in certain parts of the world when some regulations are updated ahead of others. To ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, Mustang Survival has placed a warning on products that contain a Prop 65 listed chemical, either directly or as a part of the raw material supply chain. This allows us to comply with California law and provide our California consumers with the disclosure required by Prop 65, while still promising the safest on water experience possible.

Mustang Survival is working diligently with regulatory bodies and our own manufacturing partners to continue to improve our product performance and reduce the presence of less desirable chemicals. Water is a precious resource we all share that is important to the health and well-being of our planet and all people. Our goal is to continue to enhance your water life experience while reducing our overall impact to the planet and, in particular, its waterways. While it is a bit of a juggling act to achieve, we are confident you will see continued improvement in both the immediate and long term future. We hope this explanation will enable you to understand why you will be seeing warnings on some our products.

Thank you for your continued use of Mustang Survival products.

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