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Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit System


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Mustang Survival has created the most advanced Constant Wear Aviation Survival System yet. The MAC300's modular design integrates the "best of" features found in the MAC200, and MSD900 to reduce overall weight and bulk, improve the donning and doffing through innovative entry system, and provide a wider array of sizes.

The MAC300 combines the protection of an immersion suit with the mobility of a worksuit. This constant wear aviation dry suit system reduces heat stress while protecting against flame, immersion, and hypothermia hazards.

Mustang's continuing efforts to provide our customers with the best comfort and highest protection from the hazards of flight have resulted in a three piece integrated garment that reduces heat stress in the cockpit, and protects against flame, immersion, and hypothermia hazards, whether on land, in the air or in the water.

The improved entry system makes single person donning and doffing much simpler. The patent pending CCS™ Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal, and redesigned neoprene wrist seals improve the comfort of flight crews during extended missions. Their proven durability results in extended service-life when compared to that of traditional latex neck and wrist seals used by other manufacturers of traditional dry suits.


The three piece modular design of the MAC300 makes repair or replacement of any component an easy task. A simplified interconnection system between components facilitates assembly and disassembly, minimizing "down time" when performing routine cleaning, maintenance, or repairs

Outer Shell

The Outer Shell is constructed of a 6 oz. Nomex® IIIA that provides an anti-static, flame resistant barrier to protect the wearer whether refueling an aircraft or being exposed to hostile flight operations where the dangers of cockpit flash fires may exist. High wear areas are strategically reinforced with leather to provide improved service life. Easily detached from the Immersion and Thermal modules, the Outer Shell can be zipped across the back and worn separately as a flight suit

Immersion Module

The Immersion Suit module provides dry suit performance. Combining the same patent pending CCS™ Closed Comfort System neck seal and improved neoprene wrist seals found on our MSD900 with GORE-TEX® BEST DEFENSE - a waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric designed to reduce heat stress, and fatigue - the Immersion Module maximizes thermal and immersion protection. A vertical waterproof relief zipper is designed to facilitate both male and female crew members. When integrated with the Outer Shell and Thermal Liner, the MAC300 provides a stirred (calm) water Clo value of 0.78.

Thermal Liner

The Thermal Liner is constructed of Mustang's patented breathable closed cell foam. The foam liner is engineered with multiple apertures, then quilted using a wicking fabric and thread designed to pull excess moisture vapor (sweat) away from the wearer's body.

Mustang Survival has discontinued this product. Check out the Mustang Survival MSF300.

Available Colors

MAC300 Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit system sage green Sage Green
MAC300 Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit system orange Orange


MAC300 Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit system

MAC300 Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit system

All of these features lead to life cycle cost savings when compared to traditional dry suits designed for flight crews.

Hypothermia Protection

When tested on a thermally insulated manikin, the MAC300 was measured at 0.78 Immersed Clo in calm (stirred) water, with the neck and wrist closures secured and the thermal protective hood and inflatable gloves donned.

Flame Resistance

The MAC300 Constant Wear Aviation Suit's Nomex® layers provide outstanding protection from fire. The thermal liner also provides additional protection against radiant heat. Together, the MAC300 integrated system offers superb performance without compromising comfort.


The MAC300 provides an inherent buoyancy of approximately 23 lbs., size, fit and underclothing dependent. This is designed to be well below the 35 lbs. maximum recommended for ditched helicopter egress, yet more than the 15.5 lbs. minimum buoyancy required for a personal flotation device (PFD). The MAC300 is compatible with Mustang Survival's MD1127 Constant Wear Twin Chamber Aviation Inflatable Life Vest (sold separately) for added flotation protection in case of emergency landing. MD1127 features a unique slim profile for constant wear comfort and mobility with helmet on and is compatible with aircraft seat harness. Click HERE for all the information on the MD1127 PFD.

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  • Offers flame, immersion and hypothermia hazard protection
  • Suit comes ready to wear with included universally sized socks
  • Trim to fit wrist seals
  • CCS™ adjustable neck seal
  • Inherent buoyancy of approximately 23 lbs is below the 35 lbs maximum recommended for ditched helicopter egress and above the 15.5 lbs minimum buoyancy required for a PFD
  • Includes protective hood
  • Includes inflatable mitts
  • Includes durable carry case
  • Multiple pockets for storage of personal survival items
  • Provides a stirred (calm) water Clo value of 0.78 when integrated with the outer shell and thermal liner
  • Thermal liner provides additional protection against radiant heat
  • Outer shell is reinforced in high abrasion areas with rugged leather panels
  • Compatible with a variety of like jackets such as the Mustang Survival MD1127 and aircrew survival equipment
  • Modular system allows components to be repaired or replaced individually
  • Replacement outer shell MA7245
  • Replacement immersion module MA7247
  • Replacement thermal liner MA7246

MAS / SIN 084/633-21a
US Patents 5267519; 6668386
Canadian Patent 2082793

MAC300 Size Chart

Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches) Inseam (inches) Weight (lbs) Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Inseam (cm) Weight (kg)
XS 30 - 34 28 27 99 - 154 76 - 86 71 70 45 - 70
S 34 - 38 28 - 30 27.5 99 - 154 86 - 96 71 - 76 70 45 - 70
M 38 - 42 32 - 34 31 132 - 198 96 - 107 81 - 86 79 60 - 90
L 42 - 46 36 - 38 32 176 - 242 107 - 117 91 - 97 81 80 - 110
XL 46 - 50 40 - 42 33 198 - 276 117 - 127 102 - 107 84 90 - 125
2XL 50 - 54 44 - 46 34 242 - 309 127 - 137 112 - 117 86 110 - 140
3XL 54 - 58 48 - 50 35 275 - 352 137 - 147 122 - 127 89 125 - 160

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Mustang Survival Warranty and Repair Information

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