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ANSI High Visibility Float Coat

MC1506 T3

S-3XL $391.40

MSRP $538.45

Made with high visibility ANSI fluorescent yellow green fabric and ANSI reflective tape for ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Class 2 compliance in the USA and CSA Z96 (2015) compliance in Canada.

Based on the original Mustang Survival Float Coat, the MC1506 T3 ANSI High Visibility Float Coat is engineered to provide comfort, warmth, and durability in whatever marine activity you do. Most importantly, the Float Coat's closed-cell foam insulation will provide flotation and in-water insulation to delay the onset of hypothermia in the event of accidental water immersion. Combined with functional elements such as large front pockets and a full-length storm flap, the Mustang Survival MC1506 T3 ANSI Float Coat adds up to an unbeatable value.

Beginning November 24, 2008, theUSA Federal Highway Administration (23 CFR 634) Highway Patrol Safety Regulation mandates that everyone working in the right-of-way of a federal-aid highway must be wearing high visibility clothing that meets the requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107; 2004 edition class 2 or 3.

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Insulated Hood MA7136 (add $83.40)


The United States and Canada are working together to harmonize flotation standards. The purpose is to make it easier for waterlife enthusiasts to enjoy their time on the water through improved product offerings and streamlined regulations. Simplified regulations offer less complexity and increased function making it easier for boaters to comply with local regulations.

Available Colors

MC1506 T3 float coat ansi ANSI Yellow-Green

MC1506 T3

MC1506 T3 ANSI float coat replaces Stearns I055ANSI

MC1506 T3 ANSI float coat replaces Stearns I055ANSI

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  • ANSI / ISEA 107-2010 Class 2 compliant USA
  • CSA Z96 (2015) Compliant Canada
  • Hypothermia and flotation protection
  • Construction provides enhanced waterproofing
  • Mustang's High Performance Nylon™
  • Airsoft™ Foam Flotation System
  • Relaxed fit offers enhanced mobility & comfort
  • Full length storm flap
  • Zipper closures on front pockets
  • Adjustable neoprene wrist seals
  • Adjustable waist belt

Approval: Harmonized
SIN 633-40

MC1506 T3 Size Chart

  Chest (inches) Weight (lbs) Chest (cm) Weight (kg)
S 34" - 38" 99 - 120 86 - 97 45 - 55
M 38" - 42" 120 - 170 97 - 107 55 - 77
L 42" - 46" 170 - 190 107 - 117 77 - 86
XL 46" - 50" 190 - 220 117 - 127 86 - 100
2XL 50" - 54" 220 - 260 127 - 137 100 - 118
3XL 54" - 58" 260 - 340 137 - 147 118 - 154

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