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Underwater Demolition Team LP



The underwater demolition team (UDT) life preserver provides a minimum of 29 lbs buoyancy when inflated. The UDT2019 is intended for use as emergency equipment by underwater demolition teams and is approved for use by Naval Sea Systems Command. The UDT2019 is currently being used in Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training. SEAL's use this life preserver for surface swimming, hydro-reconnaissance and over-the-beach missions.

The UDT2019 Underwater Demolition Team Life Preserver uses the CO² inflator 85202Z which has a 1/2"-20 neck sold separately.

***NOTE: The purchase price for the UDT2019 is for an un-armed vest. You MUST choose yes for the re-arm to be shipped with the vest for it to be functional.

Select Quantity
Re-Arm 85202Z (add $15.10)


  • Meets MIL-L-16383H as modified by ANU 1.1
  • Life preservers, CAT 1, 1.1.11
  • Provides 29 lbs buoyancy
  • Suitable for Underwater Demolitions, Combat Swimming and Hydro Reconnaissance in shallow waters, both open and covert operations
  • The UDT2019 is carried in a pouch and donned before entering the water
  • Two back and one waist strap is provided to secure the lifejacket to the user
  • Lifting handle at the back of the buoyancy at the top
  • Operation is by a single red toggle, manual gas inflator or by oral inflation
  • A dump valve is fitted to prevent bursting. The lifejacket can be slowly deflated by the oral inflation valve, or rapid deflation by a toggle attached to the dump valve
  • Two SOLAS grade reflective strips are attached to the lifejacket using a covering flap, to maintain cover, until required
  • Manual inflation

NSN 1386-66-161-3016

Available Colors

MD1122 underwater demolition team life preserver grey Gray


UDT2019 underwater demolition team life preserver

UDT2019 underwater demolition team life preserver

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