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Sentinel™ Series Aviation Rescue Swimmer Dry Suit


XS-3XL $3,286.40

Retail $4,733.45

Mustang Survival's Sentinel™ Series MSD660 GS is a specialized dry suit designed for US Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers. The suit is designed to aid in hypothermia protection during surface operations in or on the water when worn with insulating undergarments. The MSD660 GS is easily donned and doffed by the wearer using a diagonal watertight entry zipper across the torso and wearer's left shoulder and includes a relief zipper. Customized fit can be achieved through the standard 24 available sizes (including short & tall), adjustable internal suspenders and a waist adjustment system. Every MSD660 GS produced by Mustang Survival is leak tested to ensure waterproof integrity prior to leaving the factory. All suits are 100% tested to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance.

Exclusive to Mustang Survival, the Sentinel™ Series Dry Suits feature:

  • Mobility Based Sizing™ offers users a semi-custom size fit that reduces bulk and increases mobility without the custom price tag.
  • Rapid Repair Technology™ enables users to rield replace neck and wrist seals and repair small leaks in an hour or less.

Thermal performance of the MSD660 GS, as with any dry suit, is dependent on the type and thickness of the undergarment worn. Mustang Survival's MSL600 Dry Suit Liner is the perfect companion for the MSD660 GS.

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Survival Hood MA7348 (add $54.40)
Zipper Lubricant MA2292 (add $57.40)
Men's Dry Suit Liner MSL600 (add $261.40)
Women's Dry Suit Liner MSL601 (add $313.40)

Available Colors

MSD660 sentinel series aviation rescue swimmer dry suit orangeMSD660 sentinel series Aviation Rescue Swimmer dry suit black Orange/Black


MSD660 sentinel series aviation rescue swimmer dry suit US Navy

MSD660 sentinel series aviation rescue swimmer dry suit back

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TAA Compliant


  • Single layer waterproof, breathable tri-laminate Nomex® / Gore-tex® shell fabric (MIL-DTL-32149). This fabric combines waterproofing, breathability and fire retardant characteristics in a single flexible layer
  • Rapid Repair Technology™ using heat activated wrist and neck seals allows for fast field replacement with the use of repair kits available
  • Flame Resistant - NON-Flame Resistant version MSD660 AF
  • Nomex® fleece cover over the neck seal to protect the user from flash fire damage to the neck seal*
  • Reinforced molded foam knee and elbow pads provide increased knee and elbow protection and wear resistance*
  • Reinforced seat and thigh area*
  • Low profile, light weight, and corrosion resistant TIZIP® waterproof zippers which are easier to operate and require less maintenance than typical brass metal teeth zippers
  • Right arm air exhaust valve to vent excess trapped air from the suit
  • SOLAS retro reflective tape on the upper shoulders and arms provide increased visibility
  • Left arm low profile zippered pocket with dual pen holders
  • 2" x 4" Velcro® patch located on right chest for attachment of name tag
  • Left and right thigh elasticized expanding cargo pockets with drainage mesh and Velcro® secured top cover entry provides maximum storage capacity and exhibits a low profile function when empty
  • Neoprene cummerbund with waist adjustment tabs allows snug waist adjustability without impeding mobility
  • Low profile adjustable wrist over cuffs
  • Adjustable internal suspenders provide a customized fit and facilitate wearing the suit in the half doffed position to prevent over heating while preparing for missions or attending a briefing
  • Universally sized waterproof, breathable socks are permanently attached and ankle cuffs reduce entry of small debris into footwear thereby reducing wear on the socks
  • Waterproof entry and relief zippers are covered providing flame retardantcy and helps protect the zipper teeth from damage or contamination

*All reinforced areas incorporate drainage to preclude entrapped water.

The Mobility Based Sizing™ platform offers users a semi-custom suit that reduces bulk and increases range of motion.

For accurate measurements, please refer to the measurement instructions provided here: www.mustangsurvival.com/mobility

MSD660 GS Size Chart

Chest 35" - 38" 37" - 40" 39" - 42" 41" - 44" 43" - 46" 45" - 48" 49" - 52" 53" - 56" n/a n/a
Waist 29" - 32" 31" - 34" 34" - 37" 35" - 38" 37" - 40" 41" - 44" 46" - 49" 51" - 54" n/a n/a
Hips 37" - 40" 38" - 41" 39" - 42" 40" - 43" 41" - 44" 43" - 46" 47" - 50" 53" - 56" n/a n/a
Sleeve 29" - 31" 31" - 33" 33" - 35" 34" - 36" 35" - 37" 36" - 38" 37" - 39" 38" - 40" -1" +1½"
Inseam 28" - 30" 30" - 32" 32" - 34" 33" - 35" 34" - 36" 34" - 36" 34" - 36" 34" - 36" -2" +2"
Torso Hoop 59" - 62" 62" - 65" 65" - 68" 67" - 70" 69" - 72" 71" - 74" 76" - 79" 78" - 81" -2" +3"
Height 60" - 63" 64" - 67" 68" - 71" 69" - 72" 71" - 74" 73" - 76" 75" - 78" 75" - 78" -3" +3½"

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Mustang Survival Warranty and Repair Information

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